What we believe

God made us to know him

The Bible describes how God has made people to enjoy relationship with him. That was God’s plan but the human race chose to live independently of God and as a result became alienated from him looking to other things for a sense of meaning and security. This rebellion means that by rights God should have nothing to do with us. However, instead he has amazingly shown great grace towards us!

We can enjoy relationship with God

The Bible makes plain that God graciously took the initiative to provide a way for people to be reconciled to him. Jesus, both fully God and fully man, came and lived a perfect live of devotion and obedience to God. He died as our substitute on the cross taking upon himself the punishment that we deserved for our rebellion against God. In order to come into relationship with God we have to accept that Jesus has paid the price for our rebellion by his death on the cross.

By the power of the Holy Spirit we can live to please God

The Christian life is one based on the reality of a personal relationship with God rather than religious rules. The Holy Spirit lives in those who have committed themselves to be followers of Jesus and empowers them to live for the glory of God.

WelcomeWithin the context of a local church we can grow as Christians and together serve the purposes of God to make Jesus known.

The Bible clearly shows that we are not meant to live the Christian life in isolation. Rather, we are to belong to a community of fellow-Christians. It is only in the context of local church that we can really grow as believers as we share our lives together and fulfil God’s purpose as his people. We are to be a community of grace where we love one another, as we serve and reach out to others with the wonderful message of God’s kingdom.